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Everything throughout www.WildWillpower.org & each of the websites described below are being peaceable assembled as modes of First Amendment expression All content throughout each of these websites (except for www.RichardLonewolf.com) are solely owned by Wild Willpower PAC.  The content throughout the sites is being made available only for non-commercial purposes unto viewers; copying is stealing & violators will be prosecuted.  Each Civilian working to make WIld Willpower possible has a stake in making sure that this ancient & sacred knowledge of all our ancestors is not being used in such a way which oppresses others or desecrates the land, and that it is being done in such a way which honors and accommodates the teachers & developers, and the sovereign native tribal people & tribes we work with & who are also working to make this happen for the benefit of all rather than for the manipulative benefit of some; we are working diligently to provide a freedom-enabling gift for the world; not a corporate behemoth running on autopilot!  We are building this for everybody& stealing from anybody is illegal, immoral, & punishable by law; if you like what you see, please get involved— we’re actually pretty nice people & we really look forward to hearing from you AND we’ll all benefit from working together!

Website #1; www.RichardLonewolf.com

Home page of Richard Lonewolf Survival School

   We built www.RichardLonewolf.com between 2010 & 2015 after witnessing difficulties Ethnobotany, Survival, & Wild Living Skills Expert Richard Lonewolf was facing while trying to connect people with his unique sets of skills without technical assistance; not only this, but after exploring & then finding that most of the knowledge he was professing (& outright showing!) was not to be found online, it became clear that a “technological bridge” was needed to connect this unique teacher with the world. 

    Richard Lonewolf’s Survival School is Lonewolf’s sole proprietorship, standalone from Wild Willpower; here’s just one video of him teaching about Golden Chia {Salvia columbariae} from “The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands; we expect higher quality productions pending support:

  The plan to aid humanity & the new technology  (below) would not have been discovered had our hero Lonewolf not devoted his life to recovering the nearly-lost “combined skills of our ancestors. www.RichardLonewolf.comhe’s a good teacher!

We’re currently seeking to raise $55,000 to provide Seed Funding for Richard Lonewolf Survival School (www.RichardLonewolf.com), & also an additional $435,000 in order to enact “California’s Drought Solution ASAP

 Website #2; www.KernRiverCoop.com

Home page of Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative

    Californian’s need a drought-tolerant food supply NOW, &  Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative (KRWC) has a plan that will restore native ecosystemsprevent wildfiresAND— with the help of some pretty amazing industrial equipment— will provide myriad of wild foods & herbal medicines to be made available only in bulk sections OR planetconsiderate packaging in honor & support of The Zero-Trash Commitment to help “eliminate waste on the consumer level”.  Employees to be equipped with Lonewolf’s Survival Kit as well as other products Lonewolf recommends.  KRWC workers will also be trained by the school, pending funding support.

    Wild Willpower is currently in the process of coordinating with the U.S. Forest Service so that they will permit us to use  Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques among Sequoia National Forest in order to harvest drought-tolerant, non-GMO (hey–there’s a demand!) wild foods & herbs to make available locally and to companies who take a concerted effort to join The Zero-Trash Commitment.   We’ll also be using wildfire management techniques because “its cheaper to rake leaves & pick up sticks than to rebuild houses”.  KRWC is about to model something which has never been done before, AND which has the potential to be replicated throughout the nation AND beyond (see The “Wildharvesting Cooperatives Across America!” Campaign)job applications are now being accepted on www.KernRiverCoop.com.  Everything will be documented & then embedded throughout The WIld Living Skills Database & Smartphone App:

Website #3; www.WildLivingSkills.org

Home page of The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App

    WildLivingSkills.org is currently an outline from which the futuristic piece of new technology, The WIld Living Skills Database & Smartphone App, is being developed from.  With GPS, time-of-year, & elevation responsive accuracyanyone will be able to identify nearly any biological organism on the planet within only about 5 questions, & then learn step-by-step how to process the plant, shrub, tree, mushrooms, etc. for their traditional edible, utility, & medicinal uses, as well as “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” associated with each species.  Not only this, but a plethora of other ancient tribal living skills are also being mapped throughout the siteand, so authors aren’t being ripped off, people can simply purchase online books to have the pages “unlocked” throughout the site.  The first book we intend to do this with is called MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD by Distance & Lonewolf, & soon, pending further development, books on mycology (mushrooms), lichens, & other related topics will also be made available throughout the site as well.

www.WildLivingSkills.org will Help People and Organizations More Effectively Communicate with Forest Service & Park Officials

    The site will then be able to be used to coordinate with forest officials of National Forests, State Parks, BLM Lands, & other wildlands areas because the forest service officials will know the cooperatives will cause benefit rather than detriment to the health of native ecosystems AND they’ll prevent wildfires, officials can approve permits with confidence Within a few short years U.S. Citizens will be well on our way to providing ourselves & others with our newfound ecologically-beneficial productionbased economy which simultaneously provides a healthy, drought-tolerant food supply!

    If you’d like to offer some much-needed $$$$ to Wild Willpower PAC to help make it happen asap for public, please contact [email protected]we have the qualifications & willpower to do it.

Website #4; www.ReUniteTheStates.org

“The Public Intelligence Agency” (Civil Rights Self Defense)

    This site starts off by giving you a tour of United States history like its never been re-examined before.  From color-coordinated, need-to-know U.S. Codes to very powerful court orders explained, to perhaps the most simple-to-understance breakdown of the multiple justice systems currently operating from within the nation (yes, multipleunbeknownst to the Citizenry!) , “The Public Intelligence Agency” is becoming a very powerful tool to help lawfully corner & overturn injustice from within our governmental ranks (& other places as well).  There’s never been a site anything like this onethis is going to help The People a lot!!

Website #5; www.TribalLivingSpaces.org

     The purpose of www.TribalLivingSpaces.org is to map out a non-commerciable tribal living space with which Wild Willpower’s team may continue our work peaceably & legally while simultaneously modeling a very efficient, ecologically-responsible & socially-considerate way of living which may be easily replicated elsewhere using very little overhead.  Wild Willpower PAC‘s founder & Campaign Organizer, Distancehas been “homeless for humanity” since August 7th, 2002, a journey which led to bringing this organization, the above-described websites, our publications & broadcastsAND the campaigns to the world.  Having nowhere to legally “be” while being impoverished has been a long, tiring experience; she is hoping & praying to have this space so that she can live the way she feels in her heart, & also so that others who feel this way may finally have a place among this world while simultaneously offering something beautiful & of value to the world, the works described throughout:

Website #6; www.WildWillpower.org

    Thank you so much for reading through & learning about Wild Willpowerits been quite a journey!!  Feel free to get evolved/involved with us.  We love you!!!!!  And now… sing it Frank Sinatra!!

www.WildWillpower.org AND all our webpages & publications have been peaceably assembled as a loving form of First Amendment expression.  We finally made it, America.

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