Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae: {Aphanizomenon flosaque}

Appearing like powdered jade,Klamath Lake’s blue green algae is one of Planet Earth’s most valuable resources. Although it cannot be seen well in these photos, the faerie-dust-like granules sparkle like glitter in the sun.

This algae is a type of “spirulina”- a name which refers to its spiral-shaped molecule. This algae is a wonderful alternative to Hawaii-grown “spirulina” or Japanese-harvested “chlorella” for non-Hawaiian Americans because hauling it to them means providing a nutritionally-superior– yet similar– product  with a smaller carbon footprint.  ie: Less energy, fewer resources, & less needless labour are required to provide this to people throughout it’s more nearby regions than the other available-through-the market nutritional alga.

This product is best purchased using the bulk section & should never be purchased in bottles or little metal packages, because there is no reason to purchase our food in what at the end of the day amounts to another thrown-out scrap of landfill.  Bring your own bag or contact your local organic food store & ask them to order it & offer it in their bulk section. They will be able to order this algae for their bulk sections here.

A wonderful food with a puny carbon footprint that provides B-12, iron, calcium, & a complete protein blueprint. This alga helps make local veganism a possible & practical future for us all! God blessed Klamath Lake!

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 4-18-13

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