Simple Leaves; one leaf attaches to the petiole (the green, non-woody “stem” that attaches to the tree’s woody branch)

View a petiole.

Oak {Quercus sp.};  bears acorns- the “nut with a hat”

Maple {Acer sp.}, Sycamore {Platanus sp.}, OR Similar-Shaped Leaves

Arrowhead-Shaped Leaves

Serrated Edges (toothed like a saw blade OR similar) / Smooth Edges

Spade-Shaped Leaves

Serrated Edges / Smooth Edges

Lance-Shaped Leaves

Serrated Edges / Smooth Edges



Wikipedia on Maple:

Photos for {Acer sp.) from Sugar Maple profile on

Other Photos & Database Entry: Distance Everheart 10-24-14

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