Ephedra {Ephedra sp.}; green, segmented stems w/ NO leaves

Ephedra on USDA.gov

   Wild Willpower looks forward to filming experts & have them teach you firsthand the historical & traditional food, utility, & medicinal uses as well as Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques for Ephedra as well.  We’re currently fundraising $450,000 to acquire our list of needed resources so we can make this website operate as described here.

Tea: A favorite among wild native teas, ephedra is a very healthy healing herb.
Note: Not to be confused with the Collegiate Medicine ephedrine which is derived from a plant in Asia & can adversely affect the heart.  This plant is generally safe for those with heart conditions.
Traditional Medicinal Use: removes sediment from kidneys to prevent kidney stones
aka “Mormon Tea”

Bibliography: Richard Lonewolf

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 5-8-13

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