Ashbake Foods; bake in hot Oak coals using a Keyhole Lay firepit

   There are many foods that have been baked directly in hot Oak tree coals using a Keyhole Lay firepit for thousands of years.  When the food is pulled from the coals using Willow {Salix sp.} tongs, a thin glaze of ph-neutralizing ash is left as a powder that glazes the outside of the food.  Many scientists have been working to inform people for years that consuming an excess of acidic foods is the #1 cause of cancer in America.  Ashbake foods help neutralize the body’s ph- & can be especially beneficial for people with highly-acidic diets or digestion issues.  Many ashbake foods are very tasty!

Below is a very short list of Ashbake Foods- there are many, many of these types of foods among the wild:

Ashcakes; ashbake bread

Cattail plant rhizomes (roots) {Typhus sp.}

Soaproot plant bulb (root) {Chloragalum palmeridian}

This knowledge was brought to us thanks to Richard Lonewolf Survival School (www.RichardLonewolf.comAND Wild Willpower (; if you would like to learn more & see further documentation regarding this topic or many other topics outlined throughout this website or get involved directly, please begin by reading this:

Letter from Richard Lonewolf to The World

Bibliography: wilderness survival instructor, Cherokee medicine man, & ethnobotany teacher Richard Lonewolf, “Ashbake” is a made by Distance

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