Usnea Lichen: boil lichen, then use internally & externally liberally

Usnea can be made into a tea or a tincture & be used both internally & externally.

Different species will kill different kinds of infections.  Only some species of usnea will kill staph, for instance.  Fortunately, usnea is often found as a variety of different species in a very small area.  It is not uncommon to find several different kinds just by turning your head around once you’ve found one type of species.  In this case, it is best to take some of each kind & just make them into a blend.  No harm is done by doing this & the more species you find, the more likely it is that you will kill the infection, etc.

*a list of kinds including the types of bacterium they kill is coming as soon as I find where I put my book on this topic*


Garlic :  Topically  to remove boils can be crushed, left to sit for precisely 15 minutes, & then kept upon the boil for no more than 3 hours or burning of the skin can occur.

Moldy Acorns: place acorns in a basket in the shade & let sit for one week.  Crush the mold & apply topically or use internally same as penicillin.

Mullein roots: apply poultice topically

Plantago roots: apply poultice topically

Usnea Lichen: boil lichen, then use internally & externally liberally

Bibliography: Richard Lonewolf

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 4-6-2013

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