Identify a Shrub:





Identify a Shrub:

What’s The Difference Between a Shrub & a Tree?

     Unlike shrubs, which tend to grow shorter (under 20 ft. generally) and which have multiple woody stems but with none dominant, trees have one distinguishable primary trunk.  Depending on the climate, a tree can grow in shrub form, or a shrub  can grow in tree form.  For instance, here’s a juniper growing in tree form among the lower Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Sequoia National Forest:

Which best describes the shrub you’re going to identify?

Has NO Thorns

Willow  {Salix sp.} (growing by water, lance-like leaves), Manzanita {Arctostaphylos sp.};  smooth, red to orange branches. Succulent (fleshy, water-bearing) leaves. Red berries, Sagebrush {Artemisia tridentata};  small, powdery-white green leaves, wonderful aromatic smell,  Ephedra {Ephedra sp.}; green, segmented stems w/ NO leaves

Has Thorns

Blackberry {Rubus ursinus}California Wild Rose {Rosa californica}Red Raspberry {Rubus sp.}

   Wild Willpower looks forward to filming experts & have them teach you firsthand the historical & traditional food, utility, & medicinal uses as well as Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques for many different kinds of shrubs so that we can help add to the content that is already on  We’re currently fundraising $ 450,000 to acquire our list of needed resources so we can make this website operate as described here.  Even a small amount helps a great deal!

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Below are some examples:

Manzanita shrub example

Above:  ManzanitaRabbitbrush woody stems
Above:  Rabbitbrush



Above: Sandfoot

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