Palmate Leaves – i.e. Maple {Acer sp.} or Sycamore {Platanus sp.}:

We will begin by mapping species within The United States, & move beyond from there- below are all the species found throughout the U.S..  Some species of Maple- like the Boxelder {Acer negundo} for instance- do not have “classic Maple leaf” shape- their leaves are compound like an Ash tree.

 Maple {Acer sp.}; has “classic” helicopter seed pods

Sugar Maple {Acer saccharum} / Black Maple {Acer nigrum}Red Maple {Acer rubrum} / Silver Maple {Acer saccharinum} / Bigleaf (Oregon) Maple {Acer macrophyllum}

Sycamore {Platanus sp.}; has globe-shaped {globose} seed pods

California Sycamore {Platanus racemosa} / American Sycamore {Platanus occidentalis} / Arizona Sycamore {Platanus wrightii}

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Image of Sycamore Seedpods:

Types of Maples in North America & their differences from one another::

Other Photos & Database Entry by Distance Everheart:  10-24-14

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