Keyhole Lay; An Essential Technique

   The purpose of a Keyhole Lay is to be able to cook over a fire while simultaneously being able to cook Ashbake Foods by scooping hot (Oak preferably) coals onto a tray of flat rocks which keep the coals hot and keep dirt & debris from contaminating the food.  To add efficiency, the 3-rock technique can easily be  integrated into the keyhole lay’s design:

Keyhole lay drawing

    Willow Tongs make great tools for manipulating the food. When Ashbake Foods are pulled from the Oak coals, they will be covered in a thin glaze of white ash, which serves as a non-toxic ph neutralizing agent (like baking soda) that can also help settle an upset stomach.


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Richard Lonewolf’s Wilderness Survival Manual:

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 7-27-13, 1-4-14, 10-25-14


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