Wild Loofah Vine {Marah oreganus}

   Also known as ‘wild cucumber’ because of the cucumber shape of the fruits (its not edible) or ‘manroot’ (because of its enormous root), the Wild Loofah Vine makes a wonderful loofah.

   One would never know this, however, when first looking at it because its covered in spikes, but once the fruits have been submerged fully in water for approximately 20 minutes, the outer carapace & spikes will peel away & leave you with a bathtime loofah.

   Here are some dried Loofah Vine fruits hanging among an Oak Tree:

1 hanging on tree

The dried fruits appear rather spiky, but they won’t hurt you:

3 raw fruits

Soak them in water to soften them up:

4 soaking

    Peeling off the the outer layer is plain simple fun:

5 peeling close-up

Underneath you will find a BEAUTIFUL wild, all-natural loofah!

6 peeled closeup

   For centuries, the Wild Loofah Sponge has kept children of all ages happy & meek:

Meredith with loofah

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Model: Meredith Thompson

Bibliography: Richard Lonewolf

Photos & Database Entry: Distance Everheart 4-18-13



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