Desert Plant; Growing in Dry, Arid Climate NOT next to water:

Which category best describes the being you’re about to identify?

Agave OR Yucca; long, lance-shaped leaves OR spines growing in a rosette pattern, often with one tall central stalk growing upright from center

Century Plant {Agave}

Cactus; fleshy body with spines OR needles instead of leaves

Sage Mint {Salvia}; square-shaped stem, pleasant aromatic smell

 Golden Chia {Salvia columbariae} (purple flowers, wonderful smell)

Succulent (view Succulents); fleshy, water-bearing stems &/or leaves w/ “points”, but NO spines

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 5-8-13, 5-14-13, 11-3-13, 10-21-14

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