Palomino Cup {Peziza repanda}; white/cream color- becoming flat, brown, & wrinkly on top @ maturity. white & fuzzy underside: brittle

Peziza repanda in its mature stage:


Location Summary

Range: North America, Europe

Substrate:  well-decayed wood or wood chips, manure

Tiime-of-Year:  Spring & Autumn, sometimes appearing in summer

Frequency:  common

Identification Characteristics

Shape:  Round & cup like when young, becoming flattened & wrinkled near the center when mature.

Upper Surface Colour:  Tan or mildly-yellowed tan when young.  At maturity,  brown upper surface.

Underside:  white & minutely fuzzy

Attachment to Substrate:  under the center of the mushroom, rather than under the whole cup like other “Cup Fungi” {Peziza sp.}

Texture:  thin & brittle

Spore Shape:  Smooth & elliptical.  Lacking oil droplets.

Spore Colour: White, cream or yellowish

No Known Human Uses Yet

Scientific Classification

Royal Family:  {Fungi}

Division:  “fungi which form their spores in a sac-like ascus”{Ascomycota}

Sub-Phyllum:  “reproduce by fission rather than budding & “fruiting bodies visible to the naked eye”  {Pezizomycotina}

Class:  {Pezizomycetes}

Order:  “asci open by rupturing to form a terminal or eccentric lid or operculum”  {Pezizales}

Family:  “Cup Fungi”  {Pezizaceae}

Genus:  {Peziza}

Species:  {repanda}

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Bibliography: U.C. Berkeley Fungus Fair

Photos & Database Entry:  Distance Everheart 1-7-14

Special thanks to the 2012 U.C. Berkeley Fungus Fair!

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