on dead or decaying wood {Saprophyte, Saprophytic}

Which best describes the mushroom that is growing on dead or decaying wood that you are about to identify?

 Has a Stipe (stem); with Gills

Has an Annulus (ring around stipe); Cap appears Slimy / Has an Annulus; Cap appears Dry / No Annulus; Cap appears Dry / No Annulus; Cap appears Slimy

Has a Stipe; with Pores

Has an Annulus (ring around stipe); Cap appears Slimy / Has an Annulus; Cap appears Dry / No Annulus; Cap appears Dry / No Annulus; Cap appears Slimy

NO Stipe; Shelf Mushroom

Has Gills / Has Pores {Polypore}

Puffball OR Puffball-like

Pear-Shaped Puffball {Lycoperdon pyriforme} (has a stipe: NO gills/pores: dark olive-brown)

Cup Fungi {Pezizaceae};  cup-shaped- opening, flattening, & becoming darker @ maturity 

Palomino Cup {Peziza repanda} (white/cream color- becoming flat, brown, & wrinkly on top @ maturity.  white & fuzzy underside: brittle)

Smaller Than a Fingernail; Ignore Everything Above

Eyelash Cup {Scutellinia scutellata} (bright red semi-translucent caps w/ distinct long, dark hairs (“eyelashes”) lining the rim atop very thin yellowish stipe) / Mini Stag Horns {Xylaria hypoxylon} (thin, elongated black tendrils w/ whitened tips) / Yellow Cone Fungus {Calocera cornea} (small, yellow, cone-shaped, & gelatinous)


We don’t have any mushrooms further documented within this section yet- but you can probably tell how amazing this will be once its able to co-process your GPS, time-of-year, & elevation to help you identify nearly any biological organism within only ~5 questions!
   Wild Willpower looks forward to filming Richard Lonewolf AND many other experts- mycologists, lichen specialists, ethnobotanists, forest rangers, native wild skills teachers +++) in the near future to have them teach everyone from this website for free while also making sure they have their needs met & are treated well with the exchange.   We ALSO plan to add lots of information into each database entry throughout this site- which is going to require the help of a team of technologically-skilled & focused database builders.  We’re currently fundraising $ 500,000 to acquire our initial list of needed resources so we can make this website operate as described here as part of our plan to aid humanity.  Acquiring these will be the first big step toward being able to make this happen.  We are in immediate need of a vehicle to finish documenting his new book & to build this database as well!  Even a small amount helps a great deal!

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Bibliography:  the powers of observation w/ special thanks to Magic; the Gathering getting me to sort cards into all those categories for so many years

Database Entry:  Distance Everheart 1-7-14, 10-20-14


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