California Lichen Society “CALS”  The California Lichen Society aka “CALS” was officially formed in 1994, & has grown much since, helping people to access a great deal of knowledge pertaining to the biological organisms called “lichens”.  They offer many workshops & forays, & have several publications available- with low-cost memberships that provide highly-educational periodicals to further your connection with the wild.  Learn to identify lichens, & learn all about these ancient beings with specialists who have been studying for years with The California Lichen Society.

Furthermore, Wild Willpower ( organization responsible for developing, would not have been possible without the help of CALS.  Distance Everheart— founder of Wild Willpower– studied lichens & lichen identification at CALS workshops, which helped her to conceive this database.

Not only this, but co-founder & longtime president Bill Hill has graciously opened his home to Distance for over 3 years so she could put together this growing database & also this organization designed to support the instructors, tech team, & documentation crew involved– that is on

“I think it is something of great value that Bill has done to open his doors to me so that this could be developed, & he has extended himself in countless ways to me over the years which is a direct result of his wanting to really progress lichen study, & his great passion for CALS.”   -Distance Everheart

On July 25th, 2013, Distance received this endorsement letter from co-founder & longtime president of CALS, Bill Hill:

Bill Hill Endorsement Letter

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