Rabbitbrush leaves {Chrysothamnus nauseosus OR Ericameria nauseosa}

Chrysothamnus nauseosus OR Ericameria nauseosa (aka “Rubber Rabbitbrush”)

Rabbitbrush makes a solid bedding… err… soft bedding rather.  They have nice squishy stems that make them a decent insulation.

Positive-Impact Harvesting Technique:  Rabbitbrush is an underharvested species.  They were harvested for thousands of years for bedding, medicine, & shelters.  If there is a great abundance of them growing (as there often are), then harvest at will– but never to even near scarcity!  If there is an abundance, you will be helping to bring balance into the ecosystem by harvesting– thus benefitting the ecosystem!

WildWillpower.org’s empassioned team of friends (perhaps YOU are one!) do not yet have the necessary resources to continue developing this webpage so that it works as amazingly as we have planned for it to operate- as described HERE.

This webpage is being developed as part of a “We the People” plan so that we may better coordinate with forest officials in order to begin bringing wildharvested goods from public wildlands to markets using Encampment Preparation Wildfire Prevention Techniques AND ecologically-benefitical Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques.  We are strongly encouraging all those who utilize this webpage in any way to do this to make all products ONLY available in bulk sections preferably or planet-considerate packaging in support of The Zero Trash Commitment & in loving memory of Frank Schiavo.

Please read Wild Willpower’s national plan on the front page of WildWillpower.org, & if so inspired pass it along or email it wherever & ask for support so we may get our needed resources & make this into a set of fantastic resources for everyone for free always in a way that allows us to provide for the teachers who will be found teaching firsthand throughout this page.

We warmly welcome both sponsors & Bright Green Sponsors who would like to help make this happen with due recognition for your contribution.  (All donations untaxable under THe First Amendment & Buckley v. Valeo).

Bibliography: wilderness survival instructor, Native American Cherokee Medicine man, & ethnobotany teacher Richard Lonewolf

Photos & Database Entry: Distance Everheart 7-31-13, 9-23-14

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