Identify a Tree:

Identify a Tree:

What’s the difference between a shrub and a tree?

     Unlike shrubs, which tend to grow shorter (under 20 ft. generally) and which have multiple woody stems but with none dominant, trees have one distinguishable primary trunk.  Depending on the climate, a tree can grow in shrub form, or a shrub  can grow in tree form.  For instance, here’s a juniper growing in tree form among the lower Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Sequoia National Forest:

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Time to Learn the Forest from The Trees!


Are You Identifying a Hardwood Tree or a Conifer?

Hardwood aka “Broad-Leafed Tree” {Angiosperm} all non-Conifers

  • Deciduous – leaves fall off in winter
  • Evergreen – leaves stay on year round (i.e.: Eucalyptus, Bay Laurel, Palm)

– or –

Conifers {Gymnosperm}  needle-like or scaly leaves, cone-producers


Identify Another Type of Organism

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