Identify a Species:

Which Type of Biological Organism are You Seeking to Identify?


Desert Plant (growing in dry, arid climate NOT next to water) / Dryland Meadow Dweller (growing in open sun, NOT necessarily a desert) / Wetland Plant (submerged in fresh water OR heavily saturated soil) / Woodland Dweller (growing in shaded forest OR next to water)

Shrubmultiple woody stems, with none dominant

Has ThornsHas NO Thorns


Hardwood aka “Broad-Leafed Tree” {Angiosperm} (all non-Conifers) / Conifers {Gymnosperm} (needle-like or scaly leaves, cone-producers)


Where is the mushroom is growing?

on a live tree on ground below OR near a live tree on a decaying tree or wood In a meadow in dung somewhere else


Foliose, Fruticose, Crustose, Squamulose, Leprose

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