Plants for Juicing!: [fibrous plants formerly called “cud-spitters”]:

There are some plants that are just better for juicing than for eating like a salad green unless you want to chew the leaves, drink the juice, & spit out the the ball of fibers that just don’t break down enough to want to swallow.  That can be a bit awkward this day & AEge, but it could also make you some unique friends.

Out in the woods, aren’t likely going to bring a juicer with, but when a lone forager comes back to the city to pick up their estrogen vial from its going to be pretty dang nice to be able to get a fresh “green drink” made with local wild grasses, dandelions, & thistle stems instead of a hot dog from the Chevron gas station.

These plants are often very tasty & they are all very nutritionally beneficial.  For a very long time our ancestors would chew these “cud-spitter plants”, drink the juices, & spit out the “cud”

When analyzed using the principles of the “Ancestral Diet”, most all “all natural smoothies” of today have had much too high content of “good-sugar to be considered in proper ratio to what the wilderness provides us with.

Bibliography: Randy White Feather & Distance Everheart 5-8-13

Data Entry: Distance Everheart 5-8-13

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