Acorn flour

Most acorns (Oak tree nuts) must have the bitter tannins removed before they are edible.  There are several ways to process them into food, & they are a complete protein, containing all 9 “essential amino acids” AND *half the daily value per serving*.

Acorns ALSO contain 1/2 the daily value of CALCIUM per serving!

There are 4 types of saturated fat.  Lauric acid (containing an 8-chain-molecule) is the simplest one for our bodies to process, & is found in both acorns & coconuts.  There are 3 other kinds of saturated fats– the 10-chain-molecule saturated fat (myristic acid), 12-chain-molecule (palmitic acid), &– the most unhealthy of them all– the 14-chain-molecule saturated fat called “stearic acid” (found in red meat & clogs arteries).

Just as there are “good fats” (polyunsaturated & monounsaturated fats) & “bad fats” (saturated fats), there are also “good saturated fats” (lauric acid) & “bad saturated fats”(stearic acid).

This should help simplify things: there is half the daily value of lauric acid, calcium, AND it is a complete protein by itself!

   Not only did acorns feed Native Americans more than any other food in North America, but they also fed the ancestors of all people throughout temperate zones planetround!   Acorn flour should be considered an “essential human food” at least throughout temperate zones, as it was a mainstay of pre-agricultural humans & is among one of our “first foods”.

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