on Oak: completely black & smooth: {Bulgaria inquinans}

{Bulgaria inquinans}

Temporary Note:  In its adult stage, the fruiting body of this mushroom appears as described below.  There will be a separate database entry for its younger forms, so that

  • this database entry can be put into a set of identification keys
  • the identification keys on this website can be designed to be time-of-year specific

Location Summary

Range:  widely distributed throughout North America

Substrate:  decaying Oak & Tanoaks

Fruiting Duration:  late summer & fall (over winter in warm climates)

Identification Characteristics

Ecological Role:  Saprobe

Spore Colour:  white, cream, or yellowish

Growth Formation:  growing alone, gregariously, or (more commonly) in clusters

No Known Human Uses Yet

Bibliography:  MushroomExpert.comhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulgaria_inquinans2012 U.C. Berkeley Fungus Fairhttp://www.rogersmushrooms.com/gallery/DisplayBlock~bid~5672.asp

Photos & Database Entry:  Distance Everheart 1-7-14

Special thanks to the 2012 U.C. Berkeley Fungus Fair!

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