Poison Oak, Poison Ivy or Poison Sumac: Plantago leaves, Mugwort leaves, Jewelweed leaves, Elder Tree flowers & leaves, Aloe leaf juice, &/or Oak bark:

Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, & Poison Sumac all contain the same common itchy chemical-urushiol.
Although urushiol has some very fantastic uses, it is most commonly known for making people very very itchy while spreading quickly all over the body & clothes if not thoroughly washed off.
It is essential to know how to remove urushiol quickly & completely from your clothing & skin without having to leave the wilderness or depend on expensive tubes of Technu.
It is also useful & wise to know how to relieve & cure the allergic reaction a person may have.
Urushiol may be removed & the severe itching cured with the help of several common plants.
To remove urushiol completely from the skin:
To cure the severe itching associated with urushiol:
To Remove Toxic Oil: Mugwort OR Plantago leaves: rub leaves vigorously on the spot where you touched the plant to soak up the toxic oil into the leaves so that a rash will not spread &/or the area
(One less empty tube of Technu to throw into a landfill!)
After Oil is Removed: Aloe: cover affected area with leaf juice
After Oil is Removed: Elder Tree leaves & flowers: apply a poultice of the leaves & flowers atop the affected area
Bibliography: Richard Lonewolf
Database Entry: Distance Everheart 4-6-2013
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