Identify a Mushroom:



Identify a Mushroom:

Where is the mushroom growing?

On a Live Tree

Hardwood (non-Conifer) / Softwood (Conifer)

On Ground Below or Near a Live Tree

Under a Hardwood / Under a Softwood

On a Decaying Tree or Wood {Saprophyte or Saprophytic}

 Has a Stipe (stem) with Gills / Has a Stipe with Pores / NO Stipe; Shelf Mushroom / Puffball or Puffball-like / Cup Fungi {Pezizaceae};  cup-shaped, opening, flattening, & becoming darker @ maturity 

In a Meadow

Has a Stipe (stem) with Gills / Has a Stipe with Pores

On Another Mushroom

On a Bolete

Unfinished sections below:

In Dung

Unsorted Mushrooms


Database Entry: Distance Everheart 11-16-13, 10-17-14, 10-20-14

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