Acorn flour {Quercus sp.}

We’ll be broadcasting exactly how to process acorns into flour and oil on this web page just as soon as we get our crowdfunding campaign lifted.  Please read & share Our Campaign Fundraiserso that we can produce a healthy vegan food supply that “shares the land with the planets & animals instead of replaces their homes” AND so we can support the Native American teachers helping to pass on this important ancient knowledge.

How to Process Acorns into Flour

Before they can be made into food, acorns must first have the bitter tannic acid removed.  There are at least four techniques for doing this, described below.  Once the tannic acid is removed, they can be made into a highly-nutritious flour for making pies, biscuits, pancakes, ashcakes, bread, & much more.  Before we continue, Richard Lonewolf on Acorn Bread:

Nutritional Value:  Acorn flour is highly nutritious,  as a complete protein, it contains all 9 essential amino acids! They are also high in calcium & potassium.

Read all about their nutritional value on!

A Very Abundant Food Supply!

Oak trees produce an average of about 4.5 tons of acorns per acreAcorns not only fed Native Americans more than any other food prior to colonization, but also European tribal people prior to the expanse of The Holy Roman Empire!

Positive-Impact Harvesting Technique:  We recommend leaving at least 1/3 of the acorns beneath each tree for wildlife to eat, & also to scatter bury some where they can get plenty of sunlight to help “plant as you go”.
How to Process into Flour:  Here are 4 of 6 pages about Oaks & acorns from the book More Valuable Than Gold; Edible, Utility, & Medicinal Uses of Wild North American Plants, Shrubs, Trees, & Vines– & Other Wild Living Skills”  (click to enlarge):

Oak ad pages

Oak ad pages 2

We look forward to broadcasting exactly how to process acorns into flour AND yummy buttery oil.  We’ll embed the footage onto this webpage as soon as possible.  If you would like to help make this happen AND help us to develop this website so it operates as described here, please support our fundraiser campaign on & tell all your friends & family to do the same.  Thanks so much!

Bibliography: wilderness survival instructor, Cherokee medicine man, & ethnobotany teacher Richard Lonewolf & Distance Everheart the Elvish Bard

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