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      Ancestral cooking techniques help maximize fuel-efficiency.  There are several different techniques which can be used- depending upon the ecosystem you’re in AND what you’ll be cooking.  This section is highly-unfinished, but some really fantastic techniques are shown & will give you a good idea about why continuing to build this website is so important.

Rocks Present

3-Rock Technique – highly efficient //// Keyhole Lay – perfect for cooking Ashbake Foods //// Rock Boiling – quickly boil water using very little wood //// Steam Pit – steam-bake large amounts of food

No Rocks Present

Trench Log Technique //// Dakota Hole, many more techniques coming asap
   Wild Willpower looks forward to filming Richard Lonewolf AND other experts in the near future to have them teach everyone from this website for free.  We’re currently fundraising $ 450,000 to acquire our list of needed resources so we can make this website operate as described here.  We are in immediate need of a vehicle to finish documenting his new book & to build this database as well!  Even a small amount helps a great deal!

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