Artichoke Thistle plant (entire inside of stem): {Cynara cardunculus}

Thistle Stems

Positive-Impact Harvesting Technique:  Thistles tend to be underharvested, & as a result are now considered an “invasive species”.  Most often there will be so many that picking several stems & boiling the leaves &/or thistleheads will leave you full & still having too many to pick.  Do an “Abundance vs. Isolation” check, & if there’s a lot of them– pick at will & leave a few to spread.  mitigate their population.

Uses: Thistle stems are delicious, & are often fibrous, so they are particularly good for juicing & are very refreshing on a hot day!


Photos: Distance Everheart

Bibliography: Randy White Feather

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 7-29-13

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