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     Due to the preciousness of the knowledge being conveyed through this website (“the knowledge of our ancestors”), and the inherent connection with the earth that people around the world have with regard to this knowledge, Wild Willpower PAC restricts advertising on this site “only to businesses who show commitment to environmental and human rights obligations”.  We call these businesses “Bright Green Sponsors”.

An Inclusive Movement:

     If a business  wants to advertise with us, but they are concerned they’re not environmentally-friendly enough to make the grade – don’t worry!  Wild Willpower connects restaurants with product alternatives for polystyrene and plastic to-go packaging, and other product alternatives to help companies become greener. 

Our Bright Green Sponsors receive:

  • a beautiful certificate to hang on their wall thanking them for helping to sponsor The Wild Living Skills Database & Smarphone App.
  • placement on our unique map: users of www.WildLivingSkills.org will soon be able to toggle between “City Mode” and “Wild Mode”.  In City Mode our GPS-responsive map will indicate locations of each of our Bright Green Sponsors in your area.   Clicking on a location will provide users with a one-use-per-month “special offer” only available through our site.  When customers come in and say, “Thank you for helping to sponsor The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App” or “Thank you for sponsoring Wild Willpower“, they will receive that special offer.  Users can also view a list of each business’s environmental and human rights commitments.
  • targeted advertising: at the bottom of each page throughout the site there will be ad placement for a nearby Bright Green Sponsor.

With Sponsorship Money, We:

  • Hire website developers, data entry specialists to continually improve the site.
  • Hire “wild living skills instructors” to teach through the site.  For example, if you click on Oak or Nettles or some type of mushroom you’ve just identified using the site, you will be able to watch videos of paid instructors teaching the world how to responsibly harvest from, propagate, and utilize for food, utility, or medicinal purposes – that biological organism.  Wild Willpower has a commitment toward prioritizing sponsoring indigenous instructors when it comes to teaching ancestral skills.

    Email [email protected] if your company is interested in becoming a Bright Green Sponsor, or if you would like to get involved with this section of Wild Willpower.

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