Sagebrush {Artemisia tridentata}; small, powdery-white green leaves, wonderful aromatic smell

Sagebrush {Artemesia tridentata} Plant Profile on

    Oooh!  You stumbled upon one of the preview pages from Richard Lonewolf’s upcoming bookwhich is being produced by Wild Willpower!

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   Wild Willpower looks forward to filming Richard Lonewolf AND many other teachers & helping them teach everyone firsthand via this site for free- including Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques so no one ruins the ecosystem or damages the populations of any biological organisms while harvesting-AND to ensure its continued growth!  We also need supplies to help compile MUCH more data throughout this site- its a lot of work!  We’re currently doing everything we can to fundraise $ 450,000 to acquire our list of needed resources so we can make this website operate as described here.  We are in immediate need of a vehicle to finish documenting his new book as well!  Even a small amount helps a great deal- we can truly help the world with this one!  Please make a tax-deductible donation here.

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Photo & Database Entry: Distance Everheart 5-18-13, 11-3-13, 10-18-14

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