Animal Free Alternatives:

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Sufficient Protein Sources

Iron (prevent anemia)




Omega-3, 6, & 9

Rennet for Cheese Making

Goose Down

   According to the National Invasive Species Information Centerinvasive plants are defined as: “an introduced species that can thrive in areas beyond their natural range of dispersal. They are characteristically adaptable, aggressive, & have a high reproductive capacity. Their vigor combined with a lack of natural enemies often leads to outbreak populations.”

    If cows, chickens, & pigs were plants, they would all classified as an invasive species in the United States of America due to the detrimental impacts these industries have been having on the ecosystems 

    Not long ago, there were 3 major herds of buffalo which roamed what is now commonly known as the USA.  The largest herd measured 50 miles wide by 300 miles long!. They roamed the entire country, & Native Tribes followed the buffalo migrations because these great land animals provided so much for these peoples’ daily needs.

    Buffalo require very large tracts of land in order to maintain their natural migration patterns, & the primary reason that these American symbols are rarely seen throughout the US today is because of the presence of cattle.

    “It is better to educate than to alienate & it is better to feed than to fight.” -Upton Sinclair, from The Jungle  

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