Mullein {Verbascum sp.}; Broad, Fuzzy, Pale Green Leaves

“Mullein” Plant Profile on

Pronounced “Mule-in”

CAUTION: The velvety leaves have soft hairs on them, so when preparing as a tea it is very important to strain the liquid using a bandanna (etc) to avoid irritation caused by digesting the hairs.

Uses: Mullein is has been used thousands of years to help cure many different lung ailments.

The leaves can be common plant that is used to help cure many lung ailments.

As they have antibiotic properties, the leaves can be smoked to relieve lung infections.

Positive- Impact Harvesting Technique:  Pick the large, bottom leaves to help prune the plant or at least leave the majority of leaves on the plant, being cautious to stimulate growth rather than cause irritation to the plant. The large leaves can be used to make make fat, lung-cleaning blunt wraps.

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Bibliography: Richard Lonewolf

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 5-14-13, 10-21-14

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