Instant Foodsjust pick & eat

berries / pollen / roots, bulbs, & rhizomes / tubers & piths /  leafy greens

Quick Foodsrequire roasting, toasting, or boiling

boiling / roasting / toasting 

Ashbake Foods; bake in hot Oak coals using a Keyhole Lay firepit (see Ancestral Cooking Techniques>Rocks Present)

Ashcakes (ashbake breads) / Cattail plant roots {Typha sp.} / Soaproot root: {Chloragalum palmeridian}

Fritter Flowerstypes of flowers that can be made into batter, then fritters

Elder(berry) shrub or tree {Sambucus sp.} / Indian Pipestem (Fritters Buckwheat

Grainsmust be winnowed & chaffed

Curly Dock {Rumex crispus} / Oats {Danthonia californica} / Red Desert Rice {Achnatherum hymnodies} / Canada Wild Rye {Elymus canadensis}

Special Preparation Foods

Acorns {Quercus sp.} (Oak Tree nuts) / California Buckeye nuts {Aescules californica} / Milkweed plant seed pods {Asclepias sp.} 

Raw Foods That Are NOT Instant Foodscan be processed under 118 degrees

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