Curly Dock {Rumex crispus}

   Curly Dock is a very fibrous grain. It has so much fiber that it is best to mix one part Curly Dock grains to five parts other grains.

  Positive-Impact Harvesting Technique:  This tends to be a very common grain wherever it grows.  Before picking this one, check to see if there is “abundance or isolation” & pick sporadically, leaving behind the majority to the plant to ensure its renewed growth.


1.) Remove the grains from the stem:

2.) Grind the grains into a mitate (mortar & pestol):


3.) Winnow the grains to remove the chaff.
4.) Store the grains in a dry area & use in a ratio of no more than one to five when using this as a grain because it is so fibrous.
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Bibliography: wilderness survival instructor, Cherokee medicine man, & ethnobotany teacher Richard Lonewolf

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 7-31-13

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