For Women:

   “The following ‘recipe/ for crafting your own tampons was given to me years ago by a man who was raised by his mother learning “the old ways” of their Pomo ancestors.  I’ve never tried it, but the man is still a friend of mine & I don’t think his grandmother lied to him.  I of course have no clue if this is safe.  If I had a vagina- I would try it out & tell you- THAT’S how much I trusted this guy.”  – Distance Everheart

Redwood Trees


Thanks for the above photo!

  The inner bark of California Redwood tree {Sequoia sempervirens} can allegedly be soaked in water, then run back & forth over a rock to remove the thicker fibers & leave behind a soft pad that can be used as a tampon.

Anyone have more information on this?  Please contact [email protected]

Database Entry: Distance Everheart 4-18-13, 10-18-14

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