Turkey Tail {Coriolus, Trametes, OR Polyporus versicolor}; numerous narrow, multicoloured zones of brown, gray, yellow, red, blue, gray, &/or black along outer perimeter

Fruiting Body: up to 10 cm broad; sessile, multilayered or in form of a rosette; upper surface silky or velvety; numerous narrow, multicoloured zones of brown, gray, yellow, & red, or blue, gray, & black.  Shelflike or bracketlike, fan-shaped, or in circularrosettes.

Cap: up to 7 cm broad, thin & leathery when fresh, rigid or slightly flexible when dry, reviving, surface velvety, covered with silky hairs, multicoloured, strongly zoned with narrow concentric bands of contrasting colours (but more uniformly coloured when growing in sheltered conditions); colours extremely variable: a mixture of white, gray, yellow, brown, blue-gray, reddish-brown, green, or black; margin often wavy.  Flesh very thin (1 mm), white, tough.

Flesh: White, leathery.

Pore Surface: white to yellow; tube mouths angular, small but visible to unaided eye

Pores: usually white

Spores: white, cylindrical or allantoid; smooth 4-6 x 1.5-2

Edible: Medicinal as tea or used as gum raw.

Range: in roadleafed & coniferous forests nearly everywhere in North America.  It ussually grows on dead wood in the late summer & fall.  The numerous overlapping small shelves or rosettes with their multicoloured zones make members of this species an attractive part of the forest environment.

We don’t have any mushrooms further documented within this section yet- but you can probably tell how amazing this will be once its able to co-process your GPS, time-of-year, & elevation to help you identify nearly any biological organism within only ~5 questions!
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Bibliography: Mushrooms of Western North America by Robert T. Orr & Dorothy B. OrrMushrooms Demystified by David Arora

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